The e-Collab project

Brief introduction

eCollab is a highly customizable solution for digital collaboration based on AI technologies.

Project description

The e-Collab platform provides a solution for smart collaboration in the digital world. It combines several AI technologies to leverage the challenge of understanding what your digital assets are really about and what is their real meaning, and allows collaborators to share the exact information they need to.

While collaborators focus each on their specific tasks, e-Collab enables exchanges between them and makes sure everybody gets the right information at the right time, effortlessly.

No need to replace your legacy systems and tools. eCollab is able to integrate with them and create smart links between your distributed data.

Services proposed by eCollab:
  • Enables interoperability between your tools.
  • Smart exchanges based on the meaning of your digital assets.
  • Business process automation.
  • Tracability and global consistency.
  • Data stewardship and workflows.
  • Work and collaboration history.
  • Smart bots.


Java, ML, semantic technologies, smart bots


Started: 10/2009

Last updated: 08/2019

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